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Lobster 3-AMP Premium Charger

Lobster 3-AMP Premium Charger

3-AMP Premium Charger for Pickle Ball Machine

The 3-AMP Premium Charger is made for the Pickle Ball Machine and is faster than both the base and 1-AMP Chargers. It can fully recharge your machine in an impressive 3-6 hours depending on the battery level and can also extend your play time for 2-4 hours. To use this feature you simply need to attach the Premium Charger to your machine when it is mostly charged and then plug it into an outlet.

The 3-AMP Premium Charger will not fully charge your machine's battery and power the machine at the same time. There is no risk for your machine's battery to overcharge thanks to the trickle charge technology.

The 3-AMP Premium Charger is the quickest way to get your Pickle Ball Machine back in action or ensure it can be used for the longest period of time.

Shipping Information:This item will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer within 3 business days. You will receive separate tracking numbers if you have other items in your order.

Shipping times will be 2-3 weeks for this product.

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