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Jet Eyewear by Wilson

Jet Eyewear by Wilson

Jet Eyewear was inspired by the protective design of a windshield. The wide lenses provide ultimate coverage ensuring that your entire eye region is protected from any possible flying balls. Just as a car’s windshield aims to give the driver the best possible vision, these glasses are created to reduce any distortion. This item is quite classy with clear lenses and black framing along the top of the lenses and through the arms. Your vision stays crystal-clear throughout the duration of your play thanks to small holes in the frames which encourage ventilation.

Jet Eyewear has several great features which make these glasses extremely comfortable. The bridge area is slightly soft, and the glasses themselves are quite lightweight. These two factors combined make for unbelievably easy wearing. If that’s not enough, there are plush rubber ear pads, which substantially increase the comfort level.

Jet Eyewear is a basic safety item that every person should own. It’s approved for official racquetball and squash sanctioned tournaments.

$18.99 USD

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