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New Selkirk Paddle Dealer!


Pickleball Planet is now a dealer for the legendary Selkirk pickleball paddles! 

We are excited to join forces with Selkirk to provide our customers with a great selection of paddles along with our fun and performance-designed Pickleball Planet apparel. 

*If you order your paddle through us, we give you a $25 promo code for purchases of $100 or higher or a $10 promo code for purchases under $100 to use toward our Pickleball Planet apparel. So you can hit the courts with a brand new paddle and a brand new shirt to go along with it!

If one of our reps sent you here, please tell us who it is. They will receive a $10 promo code for themselves. 

Please note- We cannot use additional promo codes for the purchases of Selkirk paddles. Sorry! 

Here's how to do it:

Go to the Selkirk website here:

Decide on style, color and weight for your new paddle. 

Come back here and email Joe- Tell him what you want (model name and color) and he'll email you a link for credit card payment.  Once payment is made he will place the order, email you your promo code, and the Selkirk paddle will be shipped to you (free shipping) from the warehouse. 

Thanks for shopping with us and we'll see you on the courts!